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Your automated, end-to-end delivery service
Delivery to over 220 countries and territories
End-to-end service
Seamless technical integrations
Check stock levels on-the-go
FedEx® Cross Border fulfilment service
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Access your virtual warehouse any time, anywhere

From the moment you login to your fulfilment portal, you gain visibility over your inventory. Our intuitive cloud-based software allows you to check stock levels, track the progress of orders and manage returns in real-time. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with multiple shopping channels to help meet the demands of e-commerce companies and connect them with customers across the globe.

Outsource fulfilment

Visibility oversight

Tracked delivery

Consultative advice

Enhance your customers’ delivery experience

Our fulfilment solution uses your international customers' preferences to help provide them with a great experience. Deliver to pickup locations connected with trusted final mile delivery providers and, where available, present notifications in their local language for a seamless secure service.

A world of opportunities for your business

Pick, Pack and Ship. E‑commerce fulfilment simplified.

Learn how FedEx Cross Border® fulfilment solutions can help your business scale. Talk to a fulfilment professional about your requirements.

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