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Exporting to Russia with our help


In Russia, we:

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    Offer tracked or untracked delivery service options
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    Deliver to 442 cities
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    Deliver to 1,779 parcel shops
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    Deliver to 1,500 locker boxes
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    Have an average delivery time of 8 days for both home delivery and PUDO services
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    Have trusted final mile delivery providers

Russia trade statistics

Before you take the leap, look into who your future customers are and their shopping behaviours. Our e-commerce sales professionals utilise a wide variety of databases to analyse markets and link information back to your current product offering.




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Shopping behaviours

48% of consumers purchase overseas from Russia due to appealing offers.

Make sure your returns policy is clear, as 12% of Russian shoppers are put off buying due to the fear of difficult and costly returns.

90% of Russian shoppers want to receive progress updates on their deliveries.

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