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Who are we?

Working with retailers since 2009

Global network of local delivery providers

Help breakdown barriers of international trade

We managed more than 16.5m parcels in 2019

Choice of delivery solutions

We understand consumer & retailer needs

Online retailer

  • We assist with the common barriers to cross-border delivery
  • Our approach to delivery can reduce the trend of cart and basket abandonment
  • We help retailers present flexible delivery options and times to their customers
  • We help your customers feel secure during checkout process
  • We understand customs processes globally, whether a delivery is duty paid or unpaid


  • Our tracked service option keeps consumers informed throughout a parcel's journey
  • Our systems help you feel secure at checkout
  • We manage efficient delivery across the globe
  • Our cost effective delivery solutions can help you reduce costs
  • Strong relationships with final-mile delivery providers help ensure your customers enjoy an exceptional delivery experience

Discover destinations

FedEx Cross Border's delivery solutions connect retailers to over 220 countries and territories across the globe. Our comprehensive understanding of these destinations' shipping and delivery requirements and strong relationships with trusted final mile delivery providers, help close the gap between businesses and their customers worldwide.


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